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Food included!




1/2 Day & Full Day Options

For Ages 4.5 on up!

When School`s Out,
Gym Jam`s In!


Where the fun never stops!

When School's Out, Gym Jam's In!

It is amazing how different your routine becomes when school's off for a holiday or out for the Summer, isn't it?!?
While the day off can catch you off guard and throw a wrench in the morning and afternoon routine, Stardust Gym is here to simplify it all!

  How awesome would it be to know that your kiddo is:
- Having fun playing games, learning gymnastics
- Making new friends
- Actively playing instead of having screen time
- Safe and well-taken care of!
- Fed (Snacks included for all)

Well, when you choose to send your kiddo to Stardust Gym Jam for either a half or full day, we've got all that covered!  So save yourself the trouble of both figuring out plans for their whole day and packing their snacks on their next day off!



2022 Schedule:

  • September 26th (Rosh Hashanah)
  • October 5th (Yom Kippur)
  • November 8th (Election Day)
  • November 11th (Veteran's Day)
  • December 26th-30th (Holiday Break)
  • January 16th (MLK Jr. Day)
  • February Vacation
  • April 7th (Good Friday) 
  • April Vacation
  • Summer Gym Jam

*we're peanut/nut-free facility


  • Full Day : $80

  • Each Half Day: $45

  • Additional Care: $15


Stardust Gym

798 North Bedford St. East Bridgewater, MA 02333


  • Full Day (M-F): 9a-4p

  • Half Day AM (M-F): 9a-12p

  • Half Day PM (M-F): 1p-4p


  • Sibling Discount Available

What will your student need?  Not much!

We will provide your student with a snack.  They'll want to be in comfortable clothes for running around the gym, playing games and doing gymnastics.

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