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Employment Opportunities


Stardust is seeking coaches for our growing Pre-K Gymnastics, Recreational Gymnastics, Birthday Parties & Events, and Front Desk.


Appropriate candidates are energetic, reliable, responsible, eager to teach, love to work with children of all levels and abilities, willing to learn, and positively contribute to the growth of our Stardust family.

A vital part of our hiring process is for each applicant to submit at least 3 written character references.  Please download and supply these to the most appropriate people, encouraging them to complete the form and submit it as soon as possible. The hiring process cannot be completed until Stardust has received 3 written character references.

To be considered for employment here, please fill out the application by clicking a link for a specific position below! Paint a picture for us of who you are, your experience, and your desire to work at Stardust Gym as you fill out the application. We are excited to meet all qualified candidates and will contact you as soon as possible. 

Please select a position below that best fits your interest; when selecting, be sure to choose one that is for Stardust Gym in East Bridgewater.

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