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Dear Parents

We understand that most of our parents were not gymnasts themselves, so we feel that we have a duty to inform you about what we do in the gym.  Some things may appear obvious as to why we do them, while others may seem ambiguous or even unnecessary.  We can assure you that everything we do is planned and has a reason behind it.

  • What's the youngest my child can be to start classes?
    A walking child who is at least 1 year old can take a You & Me class, which is 45 minutes.
  • What's your guarantee?
    If at any time before your child's third class you are dissatisfied, we will refund you in full. The trial class counts towards the class total.
  • My child has no experience, can he/she still enroll?"
    Yes, we'd love to introduce them to gymnastics or tumbling.
  • When should my child move up a level?
    Our instructors are always evaluating their students, so as soon as they see the necessary skills and strength, they'll notify you.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes! We offer discounts for military and EMS families, as well as a fantastic sibling discount.
  • Do you offer make-ups?
    We do offer make-up classes when you let us know in advance that your child won't be able to attend. Speak with the front desk to schedule yours!
  • How Safe is Stardust Gym?
    Between the safety certifications (CPR, USAG Safety, AED, etc.) of our instructors and the safety features of our facility (thick foam carpet, etc.), we're wicked safe!
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