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On a cheer team and trying to get that back handspring or back tuck?  Maybe you used to do gymnastics and would like to get back into it?  Perhaps you never did gymnastics but have always dreamed of trying to learn a flip?  Well, then you can’t miss our tumbling class.

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Beginner Tumbling
Ages 7 and up
60 minute class

This class is suitable for everyone. Never done tumbling? PERFECT! Got some moves? SHOW US! Here, children

will learn the basic movements, positions, and skills of tumbling, such as cartwheels, rolls, walkovers and more!

Intermediate Tumbling
Ages 7 and up
60 minute class (Invite Only)

Here is the perfect place to show us what you got. If your child is looking for a little more of a challenge and wants to grow in their tumbling, our intermediate classes are the place to do it. Students will take what they’ve learned in beginner tumbling and begin to progress by working on aerials, back handsprings, running tumbling and the like.

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Advanced Tumbling
Ages 7 and up
60 minute class (invite only)

Got talent? The advanced tumbling class will help you take the individual tumbling skills you’ve got and connect them into incredible tumbling passes. Students must test into the advanced class, demonstrating exceptional strength, flexibility, and understanding of correct form and technique for tumbling.

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Tumbling Clinics

Come learn and perfect your back handspring, tuck, aerial, layout, and more! We have some of the best coaches that can help your kids learn what they need. Tumbling Clinics are offered periodically. Be sure to follow us on social to stay updated on when they're happening!

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