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Preschool Gymnastics

Stardust offers three fantastic styles of preschool classes.  The first, You & Me, allows the parents to participate in the class. This class is designed with the cognitive development of our youngest athletes in mind. Our other classes transition towards more of the typical recreational gymnastics class, where the young ones learn to venture away from mom and dad. In all of our classes, we value the balance of teaching gymnastics in a developmentally appropriate way and having fun while doing so!


Recreational Gymnastics

 While every sport molds and develops children in various, positive ways, gymnastics is simply the best!  Sure, we're biased, but it is all based on our own experience in and love for the sport, together with our mission to inspire minds while building muscles with smiles and sweat. 


  Through gymnastics classes, your child will build strength, flexibility, and learn gymnastics skills, but even more so, they will develop confidence (bodily and mentally), discipline, problem-solving skills and mental toughness.


Tumbling & Clinic

On a cheer team and trying to get that back handspring or back tuck?  Maybe you used to do gymnastics and would like to get back into it.  Perhaps you never did gymnastics but have always dreamt of trying to learn a flip.  Well, then you can’t miss our tumbling class.


Tumbling Clinic - come learn your back handspring, tuck, layout, full, or more.  We have some of the best coaches that can help your kids learn what they need. Tumbling Clinics are offered upon request for groups of at least 4.  Please call Stardust
to schedule a 2-hour Tumbling Clinic.


SpectrAbilities is Stardust Gym’s inclusion gymnastics program through which we strive to create a nurturing environment for a spectrum of learners. A one-of-a-kind program for our area, SpectrAbilities has been carefully designed to support neurodiverse children throughout the South Shore. Through gymnastics our students will develop emotional self-awareness, gain executive functioning skills and practice social communication.

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