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SpectrAbilities is Stardust Gym’s inclusion gymnastics program through which we strive to create a nurturing environment for a spectrum of learners.  A one-of-a-kind program for our area, SpectrAbilities has been carefully designed to support neurodiverse children throughout the South Shore. Through gymnastics our students will develop emotional self-awareness, gain executive functioning skills and practice social communication.

​Don't forget to set up an evaluation down below!

Enroll in SpectrAbilities


Download & Fill out your SpectrAbilities Intake Form and email it to

The intake form helps us get to know your child and goals for him/her within the SpectrAbilities program. We want to care for your child as best as possible and set him/her up for a fun-filled experience here at Stardust.


Schedule & Attend your FREE student evaluation.

Schedule your free student evaluation with the button below. This will be our opportunity to better get to know each other. Your child will have an opportunity to explore our gym as we learn about him/her and assess for group-readiness.


Register for your child’s evaluation recommended SpectrAbilities programming.

Upon completing the free evaluation, our staff will make a recommendation for your child within our SpectrAbilities program offerings, private lessons or our small group classes.

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We believe movement is for everybody regardless of their age, ability, background, or personal attributes. We have developed our inclusive environment to be a friendly and safe place, free of harassment and discrimination. We offer body-in-motion education and skill development in a fun-filled gymnastic and obstacle-rich environment.


It is our mission to build strength and inner confidence to foster healthy, happy, empowered kids!

Program Opportunities

Our SpectrAbilities program will consist of 1:1 Individualized Lessons and Fostering Friendship small group classes. Our individualized lessons will mainly be utilized to develop group readiness skills in our students so they can join a Fostering Friendship small group class. We'll even offer 1 FREE trial class to make sure it's the right fit before moving them into a group class.

Fostering Friendship classes will be 45 minutes long and grouped by age. 

  1. ages 3 - 4 

  2. ages 5 - 6

  3. ages 7 - 9

  4. Tweens ages 10-12

  5. Teens ages 13-15

*requires Group Readiness is defined as not needing 1on1 teacher support to complete tasks
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