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Stardust’s Mission

Stardust was founded to offer a positive, safe and fun environment for children of varying abilities to not just grow athletically, but also to develop character and emotional strength. While our students love to learn gymnastics, tumbling and the like (and we love to teach them in those areas!), we equally value and cherish the opportunity to develop well- rounded kids who will become positive, contributing members of society, achieving this through our programs.

It excites us to see kids imagine the possibilities (doing a cartwheel, pullover, jumping in the foam pit, etc.), believe they can do it, and achieve their goals, while all along the way they're learning how to work with their peers, receive and implement feedback, follow directions, take the lead, set and achieve goals, persevere through struggles, and so much more.

If all we had was a napkin, pen and ten seconds to write down what we strive to do is make every kid's time at Stardust...

"The Best Hour Of Their Week!"

At Stardust everything needs to be:


Safety is paramount. Every square inch of our facility was designed with safety in mind. From the in-ground trampoline and 3 inch thick bonded foam carpet that covers the gym floor, to the mats and safety net at the bottom of our foam pit, we aim to take every measure to prevent injury. Our equipment and facility is inspected regularly to maintain safety standards and regulations. Together with our facility safety, each of our staff members is USAG safety certified, CPR and first aid certified. Lastly, we also teach our students how to be safe in the gym, from how to complete exercises and events safely to even how to fall safely.

Just as you desire to have your home clean at the end of the day, we strive to keep our gym clean so that you'd always feel at home. We have our facility professionally cleaned twice a week and also our staff cleans throughout each week, vacuuming up the chalk by the bars, wiping down the mats, refreshing the bathrooms and lobby.



We love to have fun and as much of it as we can! While we want each child to develop in their character, strength, coordination, and skill, no matter the class or level, we also want them to have fun. Between the classes, birthday parties, Parents' Night Out and Open Gyms, fun is sewn into the fabric of everything we offer and do at Stardust and we hope to have some fun with your family.

What makes our staff so great?

From our front desk staff to each coach in the gym, we're committed to inspiring minds while building muscles with smiles and sweat through the sports and activities we offer at Stardust. What guides our staff are our values and teaching principles. It is our commitment to living according to these values and principles that makes our staff so great.

At Stardust We Value…

1. Respect...To respect each individual unconditionally.

2. Trust...To be trustworthy, trust others & exemplify integrity.

3. Teamwork...To work together as a unit, solving problems through collaboration.

4. Forthrightness...To communicate in an open, objective, straightforward manner: (1) In

disagreements, go directly to and only to the person who can solve the problem; (2) Think not of ‘tact’ but of equal parts respect and candor; (3) Seek first to understand the other party’s perspective before sharing your own.

5. Inspire...To pursue perpetual growth through constant innovation and education.

6. Professionalism... To fulfill our roles & responsibilities at the highest level.

7. Balance...To seek balance in work and in life.

Teaching Principles

1. Unconditional Respect... no matter what, every person deserves to be treated with respect.

2. Keep the Kids Safe... your child's safety is our priority!

3. Clearly Communicate Expectations... when expectations are clear you pave the way for kids to succeed.

4. Catch Kids Doing Things Right... what gets rewarded gets repeated! High 5's, way to goes and the like!

5. Discipline with Natural Consequences... the goal is to understand and learn how to respond correctly moving forward.

6. Be Enthusiastic... Energy, energy and more of it!

7. Daily Challenges... Every class presents an opportunity to challenge a student towards greater


8. Daily Successes... While working hard on the challenges, we celebrate the small steps of success.

9. Perpetual Motion... An active, engaging class is the best class.

10. Creativity, Variety, Fun... Don't be afraid to try new things, switch it up and have FUN!

11. Love, Empathy, Compassion... Kids need supportive, approachable coaches, not robots.
12. Poke, Prod & See Everything... Hands-on teaching is essential for kids understanding body movement.

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