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FRee Group Field Trips

Are you a local preschool, daycare or other organization looking for something healthy, fun, and exciting to do for FREE?

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MSGA is excited to be able to offer the local community organizations a way to get the kids out of the classroom and excited about moving their bodies.  We offer a field trip program where your group can come in to use our facility and become familiar with our gymnastics classes and parkour classes.

Regional Team at TGC-3.jpg

The kids will then experience all the different pieces of equipment that our 6,000 sq. ft facility has to offer.  They will learn about the men's and women's events and different training tools, especially the crowd favorites, the trampoline, tumble track, and foam pit.


Please call 781-562-0560 or email for more information, as we'd love to host your organization!

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