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twisters program

The MSGA Twister is designed to teach a proper foundation for progressive, and developmental girls gymnastics through fun experiences that both challenge and excite the gymnast.

  We work from the ground up fostering a love of gymnastics while building the important positions, developing the strength and flexibility needed to improve. Additionally, gymnasts will develop their basic skills on each of the four women's Olympic events needed to grow as a gymnast and
advance within our program.


What is the program's purpose?

Our goal is to develop a sound gymnastics foundation for girls ranging in age from 4.5 to 8 so they can potentially move into either our women's competitive gymnastics programs, namely Xcel Gymnastics or our Junior Olympic program.  To learn more about our competitive programs, click one of the buttons below.

  We use our expertise to place each child into the program that is best suited for their individual abilities. Though there is no guarantee of team placement, we set them up for the greatest amount of success and enjoyment of the sport.


Evaluations and Selection

The Twister coaching staff takes recommendations from our MSGA class instructors for a gymnast to do a trial of the most appropriate level of our Twister program. After the trial, the determination for placement within the proper program is made, whether that is within this program or another class at MSGA. If this program seems optimal for your child, we recommend that you speak with your child's class coach or a front desk assistant in our recreational gym.

Level Names & Info

With this being a developmental, progressive program, students are required to attend all practices of their level as much as possible.

Mini Twisters

Ages: 4.5 to 6

Two 90-minute practices per week


Ages: 6 to 7

Three 2-hour practices per week

What's next after Twisters?

After completing the Twister Program at MSGA, girls will be recommended to continue their gymnastics pursuit within the program that best suits their success in the sport, whether that is one of the competitive team options below or joining our recreational programs and classes.

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